Megaplex Newsletter 2023 August: Shopping in Sandton - Shop changes and reviews, Restaurant Review & Sneak Preview, smelly bath towel tip, stop spam Consumer Announcement, Genologix discount, jokes

Shopping in Sandton – August 2023

Welcome to Megaplex's monthly newsletter! We alert the up-market shopper to the new and interesting in Sandton and Bryanston. We have shop openings and reviews, a rare Restaurant Review and a Sneak Preview of a new one, plus attempts at humour to lighten the load (shedding).  There's a tip to avoid smelly bath towel syndrome, and a way to get rid of the spam "Important Consumer Announcement".  Feel free to support our advertisers!  To subscribe, see our subscription page.

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Shopping Update

This month we focused on Morningside.  We updated mainly Morning Glen Mall, and our Morningside Area Shops page.

The inaccurately named Rivonia Sports and Medical Centre (actually in Morningside) has a host of new tenants. They range from genuine medical professionals to quackery, as listed below.  Choose judiciously!

There are several new developments in Morning Glen Mall:

  • Sneak Preview: The Foodies' Feast, a sampler restaurant of worldwide cuisine, is opening on Saturday 2 September.  It is off the lower level passage opposite Protea Home and the new scenic lifts,
  • Cash Converters finally opened in shop 40 next to the Food Lovers Market lift and escalators on Wed 23 August.
  • Blueberry Beacon Family restaurant and kids playground opened in June. It is on the upper level at the extreme west end of the centre overlooking the new deck and Rivonia.  See the rare Restaurant Review below.
  • Also in June, The Golden Tee indoor golf experience opened just in from Blueberry Beacon. Real golf swings, virtual courses, rain or shine, and no lightning!
    This is a very clever setup (one is tempted to abuse that over-used word, "unique").  There are a number of booths, where a golfer can tee off and hit their ball at a big screen.  On the screen is projected any one of hundreds of world golf-courses.  The system tracks the trajectory of the ball and cleverly inserts it into the picture, working out where it would have landed.  The picture then moves to that point and the golfer makes their next stroke.  Wonderful technology!
    The golfer gets their swinging practice (though not much walking), while their mates cheer (or jeer?) from nearby benches –or participate as a foursome. You can bring your own golf clubs, or hire at the venue.  Drinks and snacks are on hand.
  • There's now a skateboard rink in the Basement, on the same level as the popular Padel courts.
  • We say goodbye and thanks to Najma Mamoojee, who was a helpful Centre Manager.  In her place, we welcome Karen Terrell-Kramvis.

Zim's Stolen Election:  Back to top

We heard from an unreliable source that, the weekend before last Wednesday's election, thieves broke into the offices of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and stole the election results.

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New on the Block, Movers and Shakers  Back to top

  • Cash Converters finally opened on Wed 23 August in Shop 40, Upper Level in Morning Glen Mall – Second-hand shop: Buy unwanted goods and sell almost anything. Cash advances.
  • The Golden Tee, Upper Level in Morning Glen Mall – "Indoor Birdies, Beer & Bites": Indoor golf facility that combines golf swings with a sports bar in the ambiance of a cocktail lounge.
  • The Urban Playground, Basement in Morning Glen Mall – Skate Shack skateboard rink in the Basement. Skateboard and equipment hire.
  • Rivonia Padel, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Book on the Playtomic App, whatever that is.
  • The Nook Coffee Corner, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – A cashless environment. Quick bites, sandwiches, Tramezzini, Bagels, wraps, panini, hearty soups, pizza, sweet treats, hot & cold beverages, smoothies.
  • Kerry Churchill Physiotherapist, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Paediatric Aquatic Physiotherapy: "Physiothera-Play" in Water.
  • Keryn Barnes Physiotherapist, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Aquatic Physiotherapy & Aqua Aerobics classes.
  • Rishana Mahabeer Physiotherapy, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Physiotherapist.
  • Specialist Psychiatrist, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops.
  • PathX Laboratories, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Pathologist, PR No. 0064262. Open Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat 08:00-12:00.
  • IntegratlV Drip Therapy, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – The latest in quack "medicine": Intravenous drips. "These treatments are mostly harmless and really just result in people making expensive urine."
  • Arya Vedic, Rivonia Sports Centre in Morningside Area Shops – Specialised Ayurvedic Skin & Body Therapy: Hair, Skin, Body.
  • Vilai-Lai Thai Massage Gary Avenue, Morningside Area Shops – Massage & therapy treatments to leave you relaxed and invigorated - Traditional Thai, Aromatherapy, Herbal Compress. Corner of Kelvin Drive & Gary Avenue (entrance), Morningside Manor, Sandton.

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Restaurant Review: ***** Blueberry Beacon, Morning Glen Mall, by Elizabeth Pereira

The restaurant is on the top level in Morning Glen shopping centre. The location and design allows patrons to see the Rivonia skyline. Watching the sunset is a treat.

The food is well presented and we enjoyed our meal of Haloumi balls for me and Cajun Chicken with well-done crispy chips for my partner.

Staff are efficient; respectful and sufficiently attentive. The management keep watch ensuring that needs are met. The vibe is upbeat and pleasant.

The children's playground is heaven for active kids. The tables around the sides allow parents to keep watch.

In conclusion; a highly recommended outing for the family.

Contact Details for Blueberry BeaconBack to top

Thought for the Week:

ANC: "It's premature to say we have a failed state!  Give us another five years!"

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Little Life Hack #3: No More Stinky Bath Towel!

Right, this topic is a bit gross. But if Ndumiso Ngcobo can tackle it in the Sunday Times Lifestyle, no less (11 June 2023: "The nitty-gritty of bathing - in black and white"), then so can we.

After all, "gross" is a part of life, and this may help some of our readers. So, let's dive in:

Have you found, after using your bath towel for a few days, that bits of it get smelly? Probably because you dried your anus with that part?

All sorts of solutions have been proposed. Such as having two towels. Or one towel, half of which is white, and the other half, brown!

Here is a much simpler, more hygienic solution of my own. Dry the rest of you first. Do not dry your butthole with your towel. Then, fold a few squares of toilet paper and dry your ass with that.  Dispose of the paper in the toilet.  You will have a clean, dry rear end, and a sweet-smelling towel.

Do you have a Life Hack to share?  Please e-mail us.

You Know You're South African when...

There is a radio report, "Police swooped on illegal miners terrorising the community".

But, what you hear, is: "Police swooped on illegal miners, terrorising the community".

And, in more stinky stuff...

"This is an Important Consumer Announcement"…and the call cuts off

"Have you been getting these calls? Have you tried desperately to block whoever stole your details, without any luck? Well, I found ‘em! I finally found the douche bags who’ve been spamming South Africa. The company is “Financial Debt Advisors”. The website is and their phone number is 021 271 0223. Their address is 3rd floor, Stadium on Main, Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town. Their email is They are 100% in breach of the POPI Act". –from No_Concept_9848 on Reddit (scroll down there to see how he/she found them).

We phoned 021 271 0223 twice, but the auto-attendant did not connect us to a human.  We also tried their WhatsApp number, 064 089 6085. That (probably also an automated system) refuses to respond unless one gives an ID Number.  So we were unable to verify the above, but it seems probable.

What can you do? Report them to the Information Regulator for breach of the POPI Act:

"Any person may submit a complaint to the Regulator in the prescribed manner and form alleging interference with the protection of the personal information of a data subject. Should you feel that your personal information has been violated, a complaint to the Regulator must be made in writing."

In short, complete the prescribed POPIA Form 5 and email it to

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