Megaplex Newsletter 2024 February: Shopping in Sandton - shop openings and closings, kitchen tip, good nudes you may have missed, attempts at humour...

Shopping in Sandton – February 2024

Welcome to Megaplex's monthly newsletter! We alert the up-market shopper to the new and interesting in Sandton and Bryanston. We have shop  openings and closings, a kitchen tip, good news you may have missed, attempts at humour and, of course, The Checkout to keep you sane.  Feel free to support our advertisers!  To subscribe, see our subscription page.

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Nudes from Morningside

Apologies for the typo: That should be "News". (but it did catch your attention)

Checkers is finally coming to the little 90 Degrees on Rivonia shopping centre, located at the corner of Rivonia Road and Kelvin Drive, Morningside.  After the long revamp, it is good to see progress.  The construction fence is down, the sign is up, but so is the scaffolding still.  Clearly there is still work to be done. We don't have an official opening date yet.

Photo: W Addleson 2024-02-28

It has been a while since we visited Morningside Shopping Centre and there have been many, if not major, changes:

Amazingly for Sandton, the CaRRol BoYeS shop (yes, that is how they spell it!) didn't make it. There are still many of them around, including online. And in that dismal shopping centre at the corner of Rivonia Road and Sandton Drive, the name of which I can never remember.

CaRRol BoYeS is Gone.  Quite literally.  That shop is now "Gone", according to the sign.  If you look more closely, it turns out to be "Gone Outdoor". It's an outdoor clothing shop with a wide range of eco-friendly, ethically sourced products, "made to last". If they've "gone outdoor", what are they doing undercover in a mall, instead of out in the rain, the sleet, and the snow, I hear you ask?

Upstairs, Aeronautica Militaire, who thought it was a good idea to dress men and women in Italian Air Force emblems, have left.  In their place is Hobo Collection, a women's boutique.  A hobo is a North American name for a homeless person, tramp or vagrant. Why might it be desirable to look like one?  But their clothes are very beautiful and nothing like a hobo might wear.

We've lost The Refillery, the planet-friendly grocer with plastic-free shopping to avoid wasteful packaging. It looks like we love our plastic too much!  As a walk along any of our rivers will show.  They still have a shop in Denmyr Court in Linden, and online.

In their place we have Wellness Warehouse, moving from the Lower Level.  They sell "Complementary Medicine". That's  basically placebos, medicine that has no scientific basis, as opposed to medicine that works, which is normally called "medicine".

The quirky and overpriced Green Peppercorn Restaurant has gone, probably deservedly.  It has been replaced by Club Como, styled as a Modern Mediterranean Restaurant.  Its website is so Modern it doesn't even have a Modern Mediterranean Menu.

Yuppiechef kitchen tools has replaced Medley Speciality Grocers.

Odd Jobs:  Back to top

A commander walks into a bar and orders everyone around.

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New on the Block, Movers and Shakers  Back to top

  • Wellness Warehouse in Morningside Shopping Centre moved from Shop L26A, Lower Level, to Shop U17, Upper Level – Complementary Medicine (Ayurvedic, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathic Placebos, Tissue Salts, Traditional Chinese Medicine), Women's Health, First Aid, Sports Nutrition, Supplements, Food, Beauty, Home, Clean Fitness, Baby.
  • CoreFix has become Smartfixx, Shop U30, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – One-stop Apple and Samsung device repair and servicing with immediate, walk-in and walk-out service satisfaction.
  • Vuse (Twisp) Kiosk, kiosk outside Clicks, Lower Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Electronic Cigarettes, vape devices, ePods.
  • Yuppiechef, Shop L26/29, Lower Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Kitchen Appliances and tools, Table & Bar, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Décor, Food & Drink, Outdoor, Gifting, Kids' Bedding, Cutlery, Candles, made in South Africa.
  • Taiwan No.1 Xing Fu Tang Bubble Tea Shop, Lower Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Kiosk under the escalators. Green tea, soda, and slush drinks in strawberry, peach, passion fruit, litchi and mango flavours in 500 and 700 ml sizes.
  • Tom Voyager, Shop U21A, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Luggage. Leather bags for ladies and men, shoes, sunglasses, men's and ladies' apparel ("clothes" to you and me). Bags manufactured in South Africa, hand-sewn. Scented candles.
  • Hobo Collection, Shop U28, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Women's boutique, established 1995. Fashion clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from Europe
  • Club Como, Shop U47, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Modern Mediterranean Restaurant with Modern Mediterranean Menu.
  • Gone Outdoor, Shop U08, Upper Level in Morningside Shopping Centre – Outdoor clothing for all ages and sexes: Jackets. Vests, Fleece, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Shirts, Pants, Jeans, Shorts, Baselayers, Footwear, Headwear, Wetsuits, Duffels, Backpacks, Accessories, Headlamps, Watches, Product Care, Trail Running, Climbing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Surfing, Gift Cards, Books.
  • Yorkshire Suit & Tailors, Lower Level in Morning Glen Mall – All your clothing alteration requirements. Men's tailoring a speciality.
  • The Foodies' Feast, Lower Level in Morning Glen Mall – A range of sampler stalls of worldwide cuisine. Off the passage past the SPCA Book Nook opposite Protea Home and the scenic lifts.

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They Are No More  Back to top

  • Eden Tech, Shop L21 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Audio/Electronic, PC, Cell phone & Photo. Was Lower Level.
  • Medley Speciality Grocers, Shop L26 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Specialised food deli. Prawns, seafood, preprepared meals. Vegetarian/vegan, Halaal, and Spice Route (particularly Indian) groceries. Was Lower Level.
  • MySkinSpa, Shop U20b in Morningside Shopping Centre – Skin Specialist: Facials, Massage, Micro-Needling, Peels. Was Upper Level.
  • The Finishline Store, Shop U21A in Morningside Shopping Centre – "Run on Clouds" running shoes. On Performance footwear & Compressport. Was Upper Level.
  • Aeronautica Militaire, Shop U28 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Premium Italian menswear and womenswear "embellished with the Italian Airforce Pilots’ emblems and coat of arms, giving the products originality and authenticity". Was Upper Level.
  • Dr Pachanga, Shop U39 in Morningside Shopping Centre – A fashion brand that specialises in vegan leather handbags paired with African wax fabrics and men's and women's clothing. Handbags, sweaters, winter wear, facemasks. Was Upper Level. Now online only.
  • The Green Peppercorn, Shop U47 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Restaurant: Variety of unusual dishes of varying quality, priced on the high side. Was Upper Level.
  • The Refillery, Shop U17 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Planet-friendly grocer offering ‘weigh-and-pay’ shopping to help you stock your pantry with quality, ethically-sourced products without wasteful packaging.
  • CaRRol BoYeS, Shop U08 in Morningside Shopping Centre – Dining & Entertaining, Flatware & Cutlery, Home Décor, Office, Bar, Accessories, Gift Ideas, chocolates. Still in Sandton City, the internet, and all over.

Thought for the Week:

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There are also Good Nudes (sorry, "News")

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They have changed their name to Fix The News. The latest issue has good news on human rights in Greece, education in Burundi, and reforestation in the United States. Plus, healthcare in southeast Asia, crime in San Francisco, tougher environmental laws in Europe, cage-free eggs for McDonalds, and rewilding in Australia.

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Overheard at the Checkout

"Hello. Have you considered seeing a psychologist?"

"What sort of question is that to ask a stranger? But why do you ask?"

"Looking in your shopping trolley, I can clearly see your nuts."

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