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Morning Glen Mall – Shopping Centre

in Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor, eastern Sandton, Greater Johannesburg.

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Morning Glen Mall is the original shopping centre of Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor.  You can read its older history at the bottom of this page, current events below, and underneath tahat the lsit of shops with their contact details

Parking: Since 2019, all parking is free of charge at Morning Glen Mall, to our great joy. There are now "booms for security" but since you just wave at a sensor to open any boom, it isn't clear how this enhances security.

Both parking levels are accessible from Bowling Avenue just south of the BP Garage.  The lower level also has an imposing main entrance at the traffic lights on Kelvin Drive just west of Bowling Ave (down the hill).  GPS Coordinates: Main Entrance (Kelvin Drive, lower level only): -26.06793, 28.07303; Bowling Ave Entrance (both levels): -26.06612, 28.07494.  The upper level is now also accessible from a slip road in Kelvin Drive eastbound.

Furnished Morningside Room to Let 1 April 2024

Self-catering double bedroom with shared bathroom in Morningside Manor.  WiFi.  Newly carpeted, fully furnished and serviced including laundry. Close to shops and bus routes.  R4500/month.  Call 082 389 3482, e-mail us, or click here.

Note: Megaplex does not manage the shopping centres listed on this site: Please contact Centre Management if you need more information.
The Centre Office on the lower level, down the little side passage left of Country Collage, before the toilets.
Centre Manager: Telephone 011 510 9917, 010 020 2530, 083 302 5002 – SA Corporate Real Estate. Contact: Karen Terrell-Kramvis: e-mail web site
Exhibitions Coordinator: Telephone 074 562 7127 – Afhco Group. Contact: Lavanya Govender: e-mail Group web site
Leasing Enquiries
: Telephone 011 441 4000, 062 378 0346, Fax 011 441 4452 – Broll Property Group (Pty) Ltd. from 1 April 2016. Owners: SA Retail Properties (Pty) Ltd. from 1 April 2016. Contact: Olivia Kotb: e-mail; web site
Marketing Manager
: Telephone 011 823 3730, 071 350 3206 – Please contact Centre Management should you require additional information. Marketing Manager Chardae Jairus Marketing Assistant Sonia (Sophia) De Kock Contact: Chardae Jairus: e-mail

Opinions expressed on this site are those of Megaplex and do not necessarily reflect those of the mall nor its owners, who make no financial contribution towards this page.  They have, however, sent us some of these updates:

What is New and Complete:

  • Sneak Preview: The Foodies' Feast, a sampler restaurant of worldwide cuisine, is opening off the passage opposite Protea Home and the scenic lifts on Saturday 2 September 2023.
  • Cash Converters finally opened in shop 40 next to Food Lovers Market on Wed 23 August 2023.
  • Blueberry Beacon Family restaurant and kids playground opened in June 2023. It is on the upper level at the extreme west end of the centre overlooking the new deck and Rivonia
  • Also in June, The Golden Tee indoor golf experience opened just in from Blueberry Beacon. Real golf swings, virtual courses, rain or shine, no lightning!
  • As of May 2023 Hob Nob Bubble Tea was terminated, Mr Price Home, the SA Post Office, and Ink Sarang have vacated. Willow Way Fitness has opened on the upper level.
  • Padel courts on the north side of the mall opened October 2022 and seem popular.
  • The new entrance at the east end (Rivonia side) of the lower level of the Mall opened in June 2022, leading to the new parking deck.
  • Protea Home moved down from the upper level and lies all along one side of that entrance, with their door right next to the Mall's Entrance 1.  The new entrance seems not to have a number yet: Entrance zero, maybe?
  • The photo shows Clicks on the right. Protea Home is in the middle, at the junction of Entrance 1 (on the left), and the new passage leading to the new entrance (curving away on the right). The patch of red upstairs is Protea Home's old sign. That area has now been remodelled into an entrance passage like the one below, with shops on either side (including Willow Way Fitness), an upstairs entrance and scenic lift.
  • You can use Free Wi-Fi when visiting Morning Glen Mall:
    1. Turn on your Wi-fi and connect to "@SmartMall Free Wi-Fi"
    2. Open your browser and click through to our Morning Glen Mall wifi landing page
    3. Complete the required fields and click "Connect Me"
    4. You are now connected and have 50MB of free wi-fi daily inside the mall.
  • Download the SmartMall App and select "Morning Glen Mall" to unlock a total of 1GB of free data daily.
  • An aesthetic upgrade to the whole interior and exterior of the mall.
  • New direct access from Kelvin Drive directly onto the upper parking deck outside Tyres & More. There are now a total of three road entrances into the Mall, and two exits.
  • Current access / egress off Kelvin Drive improved which allows for a better flow of traffic.
  • Launched the mall's first website in line with the centre's revamped brand.
  • A 900.57 kWp Solar Plant has been installed onto the roof of Morning Glen Mall, this generates approximately 1.2 GWh of electricity a year.
  • Improved routing with additional signage for the customers to navigate the car park.
  • Inclusion of Panarottis Restaurant has been well received.

Work in Progress:

  • A new parking deck increasing the number of parking bays for customers' convenience, along with new Mall entrance and scenic lifts. Access to this parking deck is directly through the enhanced entrance from Kelvin Drive.  It is envisaged to have restaurants on the deck, with a scenic view north-westwards over the Sandspruit and the suburbs towards Rivonia.
  • A new skate park will open near the Padel courts if neighbours' noise complaints can be dealt with.

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Furnished Morningside Room to Let 1 April 2024

Self-catering double bedroom with shared bathroom in Morningside Manor.  WiFi.  Newly carpeted, fully furnished and serviced including laundry. Close to shops and bus routes.  R4500/month.  Call 082 389 3482, e-mail us, or click here.

Shops in the Ground Floor (Lower Level):  Back to top

Clicks is at the west entrance, Entrance 1, the first entrance you get to when entering from Kelvin Drive). Shops below are listed in shop number order, clockwise from Entrance 1 (Clicks) to the new Entrance 3 (Pizza Perfect), and back via Entrance 2 (ATMS) to opposite Clicks (see floor plan below):

  • Protea Home (Shop 22) – Soft toys, plastic toys, plastic flowers, pots, crockery, platters, torches; an amazing array of varied items for the home. Moved downstairs June 2022.
  • Clicks (Shop 24E): Telephone 011 656 0234, Group 0860 CLICKS – Health, Home and Beauty Store. Healthcare advice, low medicine prices and a shop offering a wide range of beauty and healthcare products. Open Mon–Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat 08:00-17:00, Sun 09:00-15:00. e-mail Pharmacy:;Group: Group web site
  • Icell Clinix (Kiosk): Telephone 083 973 2225 – Cellphone repairs and accessories. Kiosk under the escalators outside Clicks. Part of Exclusive Gadgets (shop 32). Contact: Abdul.
  • Luxury Curtain and Dιcor (Shop 26): Telephone 011 656 3046 – Curtains, alterations, upholstery, all kinds of blinds, haberdashery. Moved from Shop 18 at Entrance 1 to where.Pick n Pay Clothing was, Jan 2021. Contact: Wasim: e-mail
  • Motala Perfumes (Shop 27): Telephone 074 693 8720 – Perfumes of all sorts. Opened June 2021. Open Monday–Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-16:00. Contact: Abdul: e-mail Group: Group web site
  • Centre Office – Down the passage left of Country Collage.
  • Country Collage (Shop 28): Telephone 011 802 3707, Fax 011 802 8567 – Carol Boyes pewter, ceramics, silver, homeware and gifts, artificial flowers, cushions, linen, cloths, mirrors, glassware and candles. e-mail
  • Pick 'n Pay (Shop 30): Telephone 011 802 3118, 011 804 1242 – Supermarket: household items, groceries, fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, specialist foods, delicatessen, snacks, clothing, much more...  Has a good range of items, including Kosher foods for the large Jewish community nearby.  Open M-F 08:00-18:00, Saturdays 08:00-16:00, Sundays and Public Holidays 09:00-15:00. Contact: Johanna (Manager): e-mail
  • Absolute Pets (Shop 31): Telephone 011 656 2247 – Vet Shop: Veterinary-quality Pet Food: Vet's Choice, Eukanuba, Hills, Iams, etc., pet toys, dog and cat beds etc. Open M-F 09:00-19:00, Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun 09:00-15:00. Contact: Dr Nicky Greenblatt, BVsc (Veterinarian): e-mail Group web site
  • Exclusive Gadgets (Shop 32): Telephone 083 973 2225 – Gadgets, accessories, wireless, airguns, cheap Chinese knives, laptops, repairs, selfie sticks and cellphone stands. Contact: Abdul.
  • Revive Dry Cleaners (Shop 33): Telephone 011 656 6991 – Dry cleaning, clothing alterations and shoe repairs.
  • Willow Tree (expanded) (Shop 37): Telephone 084 995 5386 – Extension will open on 1 November 2015.
  • Willo Tree Boutique (Shop 37A): Telephone 083 227 3651, 084 995 5386 – Ladies' boutique – unique imported clothing at affordable prices. Contact: Elana: e-mail
  • Coffee Shop 2 Be (Shop 36): Telephone 071 586 7886 – Small Coffee shop moved from Upper Level to opposite Pick n Pay in October 2019. Open Mon–Fri 08:30–16:00, Saturday 08:30–13:00. Contact: Talia: e-mail
  • Pick ‘n Pay Liquor (Shop 39): c/o Supermarket 011 802 3118, 011 804 1242 – Next to the eastern entrance on the lower level. For your alcoholic needs (or should that be "for your alcoholic's need"?). Your Smart Shopper card works here too.
  • Morning Glen Mica (Shop 40): Telephone 011 802 2638, Fax 011 802 2926 – All essential hardware: Paint, glue, fastenings, wheelbarrows, home and garden tools, basic keys, gas refills, fans, heaters, pool items, gadgets, helpful advice and great service! Open M-F 08:00-18:00, Sat 08:00-14:00, non-religious Public Holidays 09:00-12:00. Closed on Sundays and Ascension Day. Contact: Tyrone (Manager) / Jayson / Alan: e-mail Group web site
  • Pizza Perfect (Shop 02): Telephone 010 003 9500 – Wood-fired Oven pizzas. Sub sandwiches. Salads. Garlic bread. Snacks. Free delivery of orders over R50 within 3 km. Inside the new Entance 3. Contact: Martin (Manager): e-mail Group web site
  • Barberazzi (Shop 04): Telephone 074 827 3420 – Barber shop, Men's Grooming. Men's and boys haircuts R100-R130, Shave & funky beard styling; head shave R90, threading. Open M-F 09:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun 09:00-15:00. Contact: Eric.
  • Agua e Vida: Telephone 074 444 1108 – Sellers of alkaline mineral water, which they claim is good for you. Water dispensers and bottles. Opened September 2020. e-mail Group web site
  • The Crazy Store (Shop 06-07): Telephone 011 802 0956 – Now open: Specialized items and gifts. Reading glasses, Sunglasses, novels, birthday cards. Party things, bathroom, sewing, picture frames, baby range, candles. Dog and cat toys, gardening, braai, hardware, kitchen. Plasticware, sweets, glassware, clocks, boys' & girls' toys, Christmas decorations. e-mail Group: Group web site
  • Superior Cell & Computer (Shop 08): Telephone 081 420 3498 – Cell phone and computer sales and repair centre. Most popular makes including iPhone and Nokia. e-mail
  • Thyme Square (Shop 09): Telephone 082 808 6240 – Coffee, teas, smoothies, cakes, pastries, salads, sandwiches, light meals, cold drinks. Open Mon–Friday 07:15–17:00, Sat 07:30–15:00, Sun 08:00–14:00. Contact: Ronel: e-mail
  • Cuddlez n Flowers (Kiosk): Telephone 060 611 2019 – Florist with deliveries. On the podium outside Entrance 2 opposite the ATMs. Opened March 2023. Also in Lonehill. Contact: Andile: e-mail Group web site
  • ATMs: Lost ATM Cards 0800 111 155 (Absa), 0800 110 132 (FNB), 0800 020 600 (Std) – In Entrance 2: ABSA, Nedbank, and First National Bank (No Standard or Capitec!)  (all just inside the south entrance outside Pick 'n Pay).  The nearest FNB and Nedbank are in Rivonia, and the neares Absa is in Woodmead.
  • 5th Avenue Fashion (Shop 11): Head Office 011 805 0299 – New Ladies' boutique July 2021. Contact: Richard: e-mail Group web site
  • Postnet (Shop 12): Telephone 011 802 5747, Cell 083 656 6147, Fax 011 802 5748 – Faster mail, parcel courier, post boxes, faxing and copying. Now directly outside Pick 'n Pay. e-mail
  • Chic Blush (Shop 13) – "Girly shop": Make-up and stuff. Opened December 2022. Contact: Kayla.
  • Pick n Pay Clothing (Shop 16) – Clothes for the whole family: shoes, tops, dresses, trousers, shirts, hats, swimming costumes etc. Compliments the range found at the main Pick n Pay. Contact: Thabang: e-mail Group web site
  • SPCA Book Nook (Shop 20) – Second-hand books for sale opposite Clicks at ridiculously low prices in aid of Sandton SPCA. Open Tue, Wed & Fri 10:00-16:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00. Contact: Jaytee: e-mail web site
  • Padel Perfect: Telephone 083 412 2502 – 6 outdoor panoramic Padel courts at your disposal – 4 doubles, 2 singles. Open every day 06:00-22:00. Access: Kelvin Drive entrance, straight in to the north open-air parking, then down to the lowest level. e-mail Group: Group web site

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Shops in the Upper Level (First Floor):  Back to top

These are listed in shop order, from Tyres & More outside, Panarottis Restaurant at the east entrance, clockwise inside to Revive Dry Clean Factory, Willowway Fitness and Blueberry Beacon in the west, and back east to Food Lovers Market and Cash Converters. See floor plan below.

  • Tyres & More (Shop 45/47): Telephone 011 804 1029, 011 804 1046, Cell 082 955 1181, Fax 011 804 9384 – Car batteries, new tyres, tyre repairs, wheel balancing and alignment, tow-bars, shock-absorbers. Open Mon-Fri 07:30-17:00, Saturday 08:00-13:00 on the Upper Parking on the south side outside Food Lovers Market. Contact: Joe Hamman (Branch Manager): e-mail web site
  • Panarottis Italian Restaurant (Shop 43): Telephone 011 568 7179, 079 492 9338, Hotline 086 000 7262 – Family Dining with a kiddies playpark. Open every day 09:00–21:00 except Christmas. e-mail; Group web site
  • Tsim & Bibi Luxury Cake Shop (Shop 42A): Tel & WhatsApp 072 096 5581 – Cakes, cupcakes, scones for any occasion. Signature treats, including homemade biscuits, slush and toffee apples. Individually made on order. Open, Monday–Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-16:00. Contact: Tsim & Bibi: e-mail web site
  • Avon Mitri Eye Care (Shop 42): Telephone 011 802 2057/8 – Sunglass and eyewear boutique. Belongs to .Avon Mitri Optometrist. e-mail web site
  • Fashion Co (Shop 44) – Clothing for women.
  • TT Hair Couture (Shop 48): Telephone 072 382 5720 – Quality wigs and accessories: The shop says it has provided hair and services to its clients since 2014. Open Weekdays 09:00–18:00, Weekends 09:00–15:00. web site
  • Revive Dry Clean Factory (Shop 55): Telephone 081 357 2950 – Moved from Early Dawn Mall, Rivonia to Morning Glen Mall upstairs, July 2021.
  • Willowway Fitness (Shop 57): Telephone 083 664 6850 – Gym, previously lacking in Morning Glen. One of 6 locations. A blend of strength and cardio, the energy of a group but with individual coaching. Contact: Claudio Busacker: e-mail Group web site
  • The Golden Tee: Telephone 064 011 0277 – "Indoor Birdies, Beer & Bites": Indoor golf facility that combines golf swings with a sports bar in the ambiance of a cocktail lounge. Contact: David: e-mail web site
  • Blueberry Beacon: Telephone 010 222 0299 & ask for Morning Glen. Mobile 065 647 9697 – Family restaurant and kids playground. At the extreme west end of the centre overlooking the new deck and Rivonia. It is mandatory for all patrons to have a main meal and a beverage. Contact: Liberty: e-mail web siteRead Restaurant review here
  • Mr Price Gallo Manor (Shop 60 & 61): Telephone 011 656 5235 – Affordable clothing: Casual and formal wear: Men's, ladies, children. Footwear, shoes, accessories. Opened 29 March 2012. Contact: Sharon (Manager).
  • Zeeshop / Zuri Lux (Shop 62): Telephone 081 733 2154, 081 723 2154 – Ladies' boutique: Handbags, accessories, hairpieces, boots, dresses, pants, shoes, sneakers, wallets. Contact: Nozipho Zulu: web site
  • Vilai-Lai Thai Massage (Shop 63-64): Telephone 011 656 1662, 074 546 6165 – Massage & therapy treatments to leave you relaxed and invigorated - Traditional Thai, Aromatherapy, Herbal Compress. Open every day 09:00-19:00. Next to Zeeshop. Contact: Nong: e-mail web site
  • 4give Nail and Beauty Clinic (Shop 66): Telephone 011 804 3134, 083 506 1632 – Nail Bar, nail art, eye lash extensions and tinting, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, laser treatments, massage. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00, Sunday 09:00-14:00. Contact: Forgiveness Xolelwa Mhlontlo: Facebook page
  • Headhunters Advanced Hairstyling (Shop 68): Telephone 011 802 7403, 011 804 1019, 072 781 7860 – Unisex hair salon for all ages, operating for 30 years. Highly qualified staff with loyal cliental. Enjoy a back- or a head-and-neck massage. Monthly specials: make sure you are on our data base! Open Monday – Saturday; Sundays by appointment only. Contact: Tania and Debbie: e-mail;
  • Avon Mitri Optometrist (Shop 68A): Telephone 011 802 2057/8 – Contact lens, Children's vision and low-vision practitioner. e-mail; web site
  • Capmor Stationers (Shop 70): Telephone 011 802 2886 (coming) – Stationery, books, magazines, newspapers, tapes, CDs and DVDs, photographic. Contact: Dees: e-mail
  • Natural Effects Hair Design (Shop 71): Telephone 011 804 6402/3, Michelle 072 297 3051, Bernadette 072 936 1138 – Ladies' and men's hairdressers: a team of friendly, highly qualified stylists specializing in advanced hair care using Redken and Loreal. Kιrastase retail products for sale. Open Monday – Sunday by appointment. Contact: Michelle and Bernadette: e-mail
  • Food Lovers Market Morning Glen (Shop 73): Telephone 083 492 5038 – Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, freshly baked bread, doughnuts, buns, sticky treats and cakes from their own bakery. Basic groceries. Open Mon–Fri 08:00–19:00, Sat 08:00–16:00, Sun & holidays 09:00–15:00. Contact: Sipho (Customer Service): e-mail Group web site
  • Cash Converters (Shop 40): Telephone 087 821 8806 – Second-hand shop: Buy unwanted goods and sell almost anything. Cash advances. Open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:30, Sat & holidays 09:00-15:00, last Sunday of the month 09:00-14:00. Contact: Mary: e-mail Group web site
  • Seattle Coffee Company (Shop 41): Telephone 010 023 2009 – Coffee, tea, and beverages of all kinds. On the corner of the open car park between the outside entrance and exit of Food Lovers Market. e-mail Group web site
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Accessible either from the stairs and scenic lifts on the extreme east of the centre, or by driving directly in (not turning right) at the main entrance on Kelvin Drive.  Drive through the first parking deck and down the ramp to the bottom level.  There you will find:

Nearby amenities include:  Back to top

Map to Centre:   Back to top

The red marker as shown above marks the position of the centre on the map below.  Other centres in Morningside and Wendywood are shown with markers of  different colours.

View Morningside Shops in a larger map

A Little History:  Back to top

Morning Glen Mall is the original shopping centre of Morningside Manor and Gallo Manor.  It started as a simple single-story structure surrounded by a car park.

After many years of serving a growing community, it expanded substantially in the late 2000's.  While shops continued to trade, and moved around as needed, a second storey of shops and car park was added  The floor area was substantially increased.  As of 1 November 2009 all shops had moved into Phase 1 of the new part.  Silver Pine Spur (now gone) opened March 2010 on the upper level, and Pizza Perfect (replaced by a new one in December 2019 on the Lower Level) and Burger Perfect (now gone) in late June.  The Second Phase opened at the end of August 2010 with Woolworths (now gone), Meltz (now gone), DIY Depot (now Mica Hardware) and Capitec Bank (now gone).  After some changes, the tenant mix settled down.

Ownership and management of the centre changed on 1 April 2016.  The new management strangely did its best to get rid of the tenants, notably the Spur, resulting in a rather empty centre.

A newer team (as of May 2018)  has been reversing this with some success. The eastern end of the centre was revamped in 2019 into early 2020. The lower east-facing entrance was closed and replaced wtih what is now Entrance 3, and Mica moved from the west end to the the east end where the entrance was.  Above that, the east entrance was moved to above Entrance 3, and Food Lovers Market opened on Thursday 23 January 2020.  The western end was revamped in April 2022, with a more imposing entrance.  In April 2022, Panarottis Italian Restaurant moved in.

Below left: looking into the mall from inside the old west entrance next to Natural Effects.
Below right: the same view today, from inside the Mall just outside Food Lovers market and Natural Effects.

"Before". Upper Level East on 2016-06-04

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Other shopping centres in the area: 90° on Rivonia, The Wedge, Morningside, Woodmead Retail Park.

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